Wave Corrector DeClick

Wave Corrector DeClick

Wave Corrector removes noise from analog recordings and makes digital files
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With the Wave Corrector program you are able to remove noise from analog recordings and then make digital files from those recordings. Many kinds of noises are removed from older recordings.
From vinyl records there is a function that removes noises that come from the surface, such as the repeated clicking. When the clicking noise is eliminated, then the program accurately restores the audio. Music cassettes generally have a hissing sound, which this program can also remove. The Wave Corrector removes these noises from the background so the quality is clear.

The program features a time recorded and manual recording functions. This allows a direct recording from the program itself and then the music will be saved to the hard drive of your computer. The time recording feature lets you choose when the program should make a recording. This way you don’t have to be present during the recording.

With the fade in and fade out function you can let the program automatically fade at track boundaries, but you can also do this manually. The fading can be adjusted so that it is optimized at the start and end of each track.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Removes noise, can set timer to record when you’re not there


  • Doesn’t support all kinds of operating systems
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